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Welcome to The Games17 Network Blog

As return visitors to the Games17 Network are well aware of, there have been some big changes to the website recently. It first began with optimizing the site code in the backend. Images, page elements and website code have all been optimized. The aim is to have the site become as streamlined as possible. This has lead to smaller page sizes which in turn lessens server resource demands. The end result is a much smaller page size and faster page loading for all visitors!

You'll notice that social share buttons have also been revamped. The share buttons are lightweight, responsive and work well to share indivdual game urls. Games17 serves visitors from around the globe so to top it off, a CDN was implemented for the site thus reducing page loading speed even further. As time allows the site may be shifted over to https but for now that transition is on the back burner.

The most recent addition is this website blog which will serve as a platform to update users on new additions and experiments that are occurring on the Games17 Network. Our next post will go into detail on the new Game additions that are being worked on for the site right now.

For now, check out the new revision for the website logo. Nothing is set in stone and we may decide not to change the website logo but this is what has been drawn up for now!
Welcome to The Games17 Network Blog

Written by: G17
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